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Fashion item for any gender. 

The collaboration with the makeup artist Misoo is aimed at visually addressing socially significant issues and conveying a message. By combining Misoo's makeup artistry with my illustrations, we aimed to deliver a clear message to everyone who appreciates our work.

”Flowers and nature offer gender-neutral beauty, captivating us with their diverse colors and shapes. People share a common desire to shine beautifully and stylishly, transcending gender boundaries. Fashion is an art that can express these aspirations, enabling us to freely showcase our beauty and style beyond gender constraints. Let‘s express our unique style and beauty in our own way, regardless of gender. Fashion respects diversity and freedom, allowing us to discover ourselves and bring beauty to the world.“ 


“Cigarettes and alcohol are typical examples of greed. It's not good to have too much fun. It leads to addiction and steals health. Let's not be obsessed with greed and pursue health and happiness. Let's get out of the net of addiction for a free and wonderful life."


Our work gained significant traction on Instagram, garnering numerous likes and encouraging people to repost it, thus helping us to spread our message widely.

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