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202109101 ~ 2021115

This is a project in which I lay out different compositions to show what the weather forecast is in Toronto.

The weather conditions are different depending on the time. Layout design is important to convey a message

through eye-catching visuals, typography and composition.

I used different images to show the weather conditionsin Toronto. People can feel the weather today by looking

at the layout and the typography. I designed the composition of typography to show the weather. For instance, the wave shape of the typography looks like scattering hair on a windy day. I designed it to have the word “Storm”

get sucked into the storm. I used the vertical line to express a rainy day.

The word “thunder” is broken because of the lighting.


Before finalizing the layout, I designed various layouts and thought about which layout would best convey the weather information. I also continued to think about which layout would complement the weather photo well and kept designing.

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