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(Recreated Nike campaign)

20230101 ~ 20230421

The theme is Graphic geometry and the focus is on sports. I found that sports and graphic geometry have similar qualities such as being fun, dynamic, and energetic. I chose to recreate the Korean episode of the Nike campaign named Now Day, which emphasizes the idea that sports are not only about victory or defeat but also about enjoyment.

I  used different shapes and sizes of graphic geometry to design posters, motion graphics, and a package that are

all related to each other. The goal is to convey that sports are fun, enjoyable, and energetic through the designs.

I designed three different styles of posters, each with a different sports theme: swimming, baseball, and running. The swimming poster used circle shapes to represent the water droplets around the swimmers. The baseball poster used geometric shapes to depict the explosion of a firework, symbolizing the players' excitement after winning the game. The running poster used triangles to convey the sense of speed and excitement among the students while running. I chose each shape to best represent the emotions and actions associated with each sport.

(Recreated Nike campaign)

20230101 ~ 20230421

Before making the posters, I thought about logos at first. The original logo is Now Play,

but I wanted to rethink it to look more direct. So, I created the logo which was “ true new happiness”. 

The meaning of this logo is that people find true new happiness while playing sports. 

(Idea sketch / Experiment)

Through various experiments, I researched how geometric graphics could be best suited for sports. I considered the consistency of design, emphasis, simplicity, and color arrangement, thinking about how I could effectively convey

the message of my desired design to people.

Idea sketcing

Idea sketching 




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